Why Listing Your Home by Thanksgiving is a Good Idea


Why Listing Your Home by Thanksgiving is a Good Idea

Why Listing Your Home by Thanksgiving is a Good Idea

San Diego’s north county coastal area is increasingly becoming a hot spot in the real estate market. After all, what is not to love about sunny Southern California? Properties are gorgeous, the weather is perpetually nice and the ocean vistas are without equal anywhere in the state. Low home inventories have spawned bidding wars, which have driven up real estate prices in the area. 


Should you sell your home now? Should you hold on for just a bit longer?


It would appear that right around Thanksgiving might be a great time to sell. A recent Redfin survey showed that less than 10 percent of surveyed respondents intended to sell their real property within the next three to six months. The number spiked significantly for the six to 12 month period. While this survey included home sellers from across the nation, it is noteworthy that San Diego sellers had a big part in the polling. 


In addition to these survey results, consider also the news from the La Jolla Light. Real estate developers, in particular new home construction contractors, are benefitting from the reluctance of home sellers to let go of their properties. Where there is a decreased inventory of pre-owned homes, new construction becomes an attractive solution to the qualified homebuyer in search of a San Diego property. Not surprisingly, construction is going up. In June, it increased by 6.9 percent. 


If these trends hold steady, you may find that right around Thanksgiving is the perfect time to sell your home. Home inventories are likely to be at record lows, while construction usually slows down in the fall and winter months. Why not capitalize on these trends by listing your home as a suitable alternative for eager buyers hoping to make a deal?





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